Streaming with Moonlite


Streaming with Moonlite is a fantastic option to get your conference, presentation and other events online, publicly, privately or with increased security. In an ever changing world, many people are seeking ways to gain remote access, whether its because of travel constraints, Health or any number of reasons. Streaming with Moonlite gives you the chance to hit your target audience.

The video below is just an example of what your stream could look like as well as an explanation of how we can help you.

What makes us different?

Moonlite is a small, dedicated team that love to work directly and closely with our clients to ensure we all provide the best service possible. Our team is friendly, and we love integrating ourselves into your team and project and we strive to provide the best service possible to everyone.

Streaming with Moonlite allows your viewers to have a slick and seamless experience during your stream. With smooth technical operation and support, your audience will experience a confident presenter who is solely focused on their delivery and interaction.



What more can we offer?

As mentioned in the video we can offer the following:

-Audience interaction

-Multi-platform streaming

-Additional cameras

-Mobile internet solutions


-Flexible monitoring solutions

Need something you can’t see? Please ask, we are flexible and more than happy to help you find the best solution.

Let's start something awesome.