Screens and Projection Systems to help your audience visualize your video content and presentations

People to do the job! Along with how they and the gear will get there

The bits that make everything brighter as well as beautifying and creating funky vibes

Lighting effects, smoke and more to create an atmosphere for your event

Cabling and power distribution to ensure those electrons power everything safely and reliably

Hiding back stage and making the event look awesome with prefabricated panels and customised options

The bits that make it louder. A wide range of speaker systems, sound desks and mics that will make you loud and clear no matter the environment

The bit you present on or perform on or even use as seating. Our Top Deck modular system from our parnter MainStage is flexible, secure and reliable

If you want things up in the air, then you need rigging. With different truss systems and hanging methods to make it work

Let's start something awesome.